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SMALL Coffee table / arcade / pinball

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Any thoughts would be appreciated ! 

This was more of a prototype , I am in the process of building another one with aluminum rods left over from a CNC machine project . 


Intel i5 6600k 

Asus Z97 Pro

16gb Ddr4

GTX 960 tUrbo 4gb

Intel PCIE solid state 500GB

4tb Seagate 

Intel wifi AC Dual + bt 4.0 (7260)

1000w power supply 


30” DELL Ulatrasharp 2560 x 1600


2x USB 3.0 out 

HDMI 1.4 out (to connect Ext tv or projector)

Cat6 out











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Is the fabric in the picture of the corner what holds the top glass? I also love the idea of a cocktail cab used for pinball! Great work.

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The fabric is to help waterproof the images behind the plexiglasses . Since it’s to be used as a coffee table I had to expect occasional spills . I used thick foam tape around the glass so it can sit snug and flush with the plexiglass sides . I will gladly post more pictures of this build if anyone is Interested . 

Like i mentioned I am in the process of planing a new one with aluminum rods to make the build lighter and easier to put together ! If anyone is interested In a detailed log please also let me know ! 

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I think I will probably speak for more than just myself in saying please do post. Construction plans are always appreciated to get ideas or just have a template to build like a kit. Again, great job!

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