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LEDBLINKY Buttons Don't Light in Mame

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I am definitely new to all of this and have only recently fully finished wiring and controls after putting together and taking apart three times because I'd not like the end result underneath my control board. Now I am trying to get LEDBLINKY to work and have it light the appropriate buttons based upon the controls in MAME.

I have spent quite sometime trying to figure it out, but to no avail and I can't find any other settings to fix, so I am praying someone might have a solution. When I start Launch Box all the buttons light up and will do other functions, but when I play a game that utilizes MAME, like Donkey Kong, nothing lights up for the controls that it uses as it should in conjunction with LEDBLINKY. When I exist Launch Box I receive the following error:

No ROM specified for Game Start event. Missing Parameters?

I contacted LEDBLINKY and they indicated that this is an issue of some kind with Launchbox not sending something to LEDBLINKY and not a problem with LEDBLINKY


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I might be able to help but i will need a bit more info on your setup.

What version of mame, ledblinky, and launchbox are you running? Are you using a keyboard or joystick encoder(ipac). Include some screen shots of your ledblinky configuration page for the mame config and front end config.

Do u have ledblinky working with other emulators in launchbox?

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To provide some additional information on this issue, what seems to be happening is that LB/BB is not sending LEDBlinky the "GameSelected" command when a game is selected from a LB/BB list. The GameSelected command includes the Game/ROM name as a parameter. So then, when LB/BB sends LEDBlinky the GameStart command, LEDBlinky doesn't know which game is running and hence the error; "No ROM specified for Game Start event. Missing Parameters?"

Maybe there's a version of LB/BB that has a bug with the LEDBlinky commands? Or maybe there's some combination of LB/BB configuration that for some reason doesn't trigger the correct code when a game is selected? As the LEDBlinky dev, I can only see what's happening on the LEDBlinky side. As for the LB/BB code, I'm just guessing.

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