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Sega Ringwide, Ringedge, LIndbergh, Namco ES3 video files

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I've started doing some video capturing of Sega Lindbergh games here's the first one Outrun 2, yes this is me playing not very well might I add more to follow. Let me know what you think.  

I was trying to get some video footage of me doing well but I suck at this game here's the theme anyway    

Hi guys and gals, i'm back after, well to be honest i got bored, while i've been away i built a portable arcade cab running retropie gotta finish it, and played a lot of fortnite, now i'm back with so

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4 hours ago, erdybirdy53. said:

Really looking forward to this mate. This is great work.

I'll be uploading this after work tomorrow, took a little longer that expected, its all good though 👍

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7 hours ago, Headrush69 said:

Thanks. How's that Youtube and donation page coming?

well I added a donate button on my YouTube page but no one's donated lol anyway I do it because I enjoy doing it and don't like to see games with missing artwork 👍

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5 hours ago, sucramjd said:

yes mate of course I am, if it helps me out that would be great 👍 😀 

These might be challenging, Taito Type X games:

  1. Haunted House
  2. Fright Fear Land
  3. Gaia Attack


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