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Hi everyone. I have recently been inspired to customize my Launchbox and I wanted to see what all of your creative minds can do. It would be awesome to see not only Premium/Big Box, but Free/Standard Launchbox as well. Ready? Show off your Launchbox!

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7 hours ago, fawkesyeah said:

It did work! It looks gorgeous, I'm very happy with this. Thanks!

Good to hear!  You may or may not be interested in the Startup/Shutdown theme I'm using. It goes in the Launchbox/StartupThemes folder.

Again, huge credit goes to the original creators of this stuff! I didnt create anything myself (just modified things)

Neon Custom Startup.7z

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8 hours ago, timebath said:

Just wanted to chime in and say that the new Default theme is downright beautiful (and underrated). With the proper fonts, color selection, spacing and background settings, you can get LaunchBox looking almost as sleek as the GOG Galaxy Launcher.


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