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Just a little contribution...(MAME .207)


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I've been using Launchbox about 2 year ago (maybe less) and whenever I have had any doubts or queries, i´ve have assistance and support of many members of the community.  

That´s why I would like to make a small contribution with what I've been looking for, and I have not found updated (maybe I failed to look good).

Based on the fantastic work of DOS76, Sentaibrad and Lordmonkus, who are the authors of the files that I have used as a basis to make ".bat" files to copy roms from machines not emulated in MAME:








These files are updated to be used with the 207 version of MAME.  Simply put the corresponding ".bat" file in the Mame ROMS folder or wherever the fullset of mame 207 is. And what it will do is to create a folder with a copy of all the roms of each machine.

It´s one  file per machine.  I hope they´ll be useful (The are 2 files in each rar indeed. The other one is a "control" file but it has no uso to the process)

Sorry for my english and thank you



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2 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

I haven't looked at the bat files but if you used it on a split or merged set it would not copy the necessary bios files that certain games require (eg: qsound.zip and neogeo.zip). Unless of course those files are included in the bat files.

I´ve included them but not for Neo Geo, since they work in mame (a least the games i´ve tested) Just for the machines i´ve mentioned above ?

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