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9.8-beta-1 Released

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5 hours ago, Wanderer189 said:


Something else I have noticed with these 2 emulators is that the Automation buttons are not even recognized, like to exit a screen, volume or pause, nothing.


I've also had this happen. Like I have really yet to experience what the new Pause Screen is like. I had Automation on and set the Pause to R3..and went to MAME 0,208 to see what would happen..and all I got was the same Pause as get in MAME 0.208 because I already have it set to Pause with R3 inside of MAME 0.208 which I'm unsure if it's because I set a Pause command to something already used for Pausing? I have no clue really. Just hope it all makes more sense to me later on in time with understanding..or by the time a new Beta happens. Either way I hope it gets figured out somehow

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