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Unable to scrape "The Last Ninja" C64 properly

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I've used LB for a couple of years now and have 1000's of entries (~8700). I've just reconciled against a cloud sync and came across the wrong "The Last Ninja". What I have is the (arguably famous) 1987 game by System 3:


What the scraping keeps finding is a game with the same name that was released on a magazine cover disk in 1986:


The file I have is called "Last Ninja, The.tap" within the Commodore 64 game folder.

I have tried the following with no luck:

- Dragging and dropping

- Adding using the ADD button

- Trying to correct / search for meta data using EDIT (note that I've tried searching on "The Last Ninja", "Last Ninja" and "The Last")

I've made sure that I've refreshed the local Db, I've tried adding the year after the name.

So I'm not sure what the answer is...ideally

- The online db needs to show the LB ID and the local client needs to allow a manual entry of this ID to scrape against or

- The logic behind the meta data scraping needs to return all games with the same name under a single platform


Obviously if I'm missing something here - happy to hear back, but I believe this may be a fundamental Db / client issue with how they handle unique games with the same name




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Not sure if this will work or not, but you could try manually changing the game ID in the metadata.xml file located in the Metadata directory of your installation folder.

Try this when LaunchBox is closed, then open it up and see if it the change sticks.

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Hi garbanzo,

I tried looking at Commodore 64.xml under Launchbox/data/platforms and searching for "The Last Ninja" - but the ID is in hexadecimal.

But then I took your advice and (making a backup first) edited and removed the wrong version of "The Last Ninja" (below) from metadata.xml and then re-scraped and it worked - so thank you.

    <Name>The Last Ninja</Name>
    <Overview>Ahoy! 1986/09 (Issue #33), Loadstar #244</Overview>
    <Platform>Commodore 64</Platform>
    <Genres />
    <Developer>Ion International, Inc.</Developer>

I have changed this (wrong) "The Last Ninja"'s name in the Db to "The Last Ninja (Ahoy! Issue #33)" and I see that yesterday's metadata refresh has not reflected that yet - so I'm hoping that this will be a permanent fix (i.e. making the name unique).

But thank you.


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I've  been going through my C64 collection and trying to fix a lot of incorrect ID's that were initially scrapped. I've been having the same issue time and time again as OP.

Games with the same name under the platform will only return the one game. I've had to leave many ID's blank as I'm unable to link to LB database.

Would be great to be able to see all games with the same name under the platform when scrapping manually 'via edit' and/or enter in the LB ID manually, Not sure if this is something @Jason Carr is able to allow in the scrape logic in a future LB release. :)

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