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All emulators missing, Please help!

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I had launchbox installed in (a 2TB drive) C:\Games\Launchbox, and had all my games, ROMS, emulators installed in C:\Games as well.   I just bought a smaller SSD for Windows, and a larger (4TB) drive to move everything else to.  I used terracopy to copy everything to my new hard drive with no errors,  Booted up launchbox and everything looked fine, all my games and media were there.  Windows games launched without problem however when I went to try and launch emulated games on platforms like PS2, NES, etc. it failed with the message "The emulator specified no longer exists.  Please edit the game and choose an existing emulator."   I then went to manage emulators and discovered all but 3 of my emulators had disappeared.  At first I thought it must have been a copy error, so I booted back into my old HDD/OS only to discover the same problem. This "corruption" must have happened recently because I played a few games prior to this with no problem.   So, my question is:  Is there a way to restore all that information from the backup xml files in the Backup folder, or files from the data folder?  I don't want to have to go and add every emulator and edit every single game (literally thousands), it took me months to get this set up the way I wanted the first time around.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Emulator information is stored in Emulators.xml in the \\LaunchBox\Data\ folder. You will need to confirm in your copy that it got moved. Also if you have backups enabled you can go to your \\LaunchBox\Backups folder and open the most recent from in there and restore the files in that 7z archive to the \\LaunchBox\Data\ folder.

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