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MUCH easier way to import Amiga games to LaunchBox

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For some time now, using dev versions of fs-uae we don't need to launch a game using uuid for it to find the correct launch parameters.
If you pass a file path, it auto-generates the uuid and tries to match to its DB.

So now we can simply get the latest portable version here -> https://fs-uae.net/download-devel#windows , update the games database, add the emulator to LaunchBox and import all our .zip/.lha games :D
(bonus in doing like this is if you have the HyperSpin romset you get LOTS of media matching from emumovies)

Problem now is all your titles will be file names and you can't get any meta from LaunchBox DB.

To fix this I created a simple tool that extracts the titles from a HyperList or the FS-UAE DB and replaces in your LaunchBox DB, here's how you use it:

First, import all your Amiga games to LaunchBox and close it.
Next copy LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\Commodore Amiga.xml to AmigaBox\LaunchBox\

If you have the HyperSpin romset and want to get the titles from a HyperList, download "Commodore Amiga.xml" from here https://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/  or get from your HyperSpin, and copy to AmigaBox\HyperSpin\

Run AmigaBox.exe, press 1

image.thumb.png.c6c63741e6f369a19642d4f6f51a1a38.pngIf you want to get the titles from FS-UAE DB, open FS-UAE and update the game database.
Now copy FS-UAE\Data\Databases\Launcher.sqlite to AmigaBox\FS-UAE and all your game files to AmigaBox\Games (it's needed to generate uuids and get the titles)

Run AmigaBox.exe, press 2image.thumb.png.52cdddb519cbaedc1cce0eb7826289e7.png------------
Now copy and replace the generated file to LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\ 
Open LaunchBox, click Commodore Amiga, Ctrl+A to select all Games, Tools, Download Metadata and Media...
And you can uncheck all media and get only meta if you want.

In the end you get something like this




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Hello! I was trying your program but couldn't make it work for renaming using FS-UAE, it founds the xml and the games files but doesn't rename them in LB xml.  It does work using Hyperspin xml


This tool will rename your LaunchBox "Commodore Amiga.xml" game titles

What you want to do?
1) Get titles from HyperSpin XML (file names need to match)
2) Get titles from FS-UAE Launcher.sqlite (you need to update FS-UAE game databa

Press 1, 2 or 'x' to exit...

Reading "LaunchBox/Commodore Amiga.xml"... 3100 entries!
Reading "Games/*.zip|*.lha"... 3100 game files!
Checking "FS-UAE/Launcher.sqlite"... ok!
Matching game files with Launcher.sqlite... 0 matches!
Renaming 0 entries... ok!
Saving "Output/Commodore Amiga.xml"... done!


Tried to execute ArchiveUtil.exe to see what it does and it returns this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "archiveutil.py", line 173, in <module>
  File "archiveutil.py", line 21, in create_variant_uuid
  File "archiveutil.py", line 31, in create_variant
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'lhafile'
[5152] Failed to execute script archiveutil



The same result in Windows 7 and 10, both 64bit, haven't tried on 32 bit yet.



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hey @jophran , to be honest I did not try with .lha files before posting, only .zip. tried now and it's broken for .lha :(

I will try to fix later but for now, what you can do is convert your .lha files to .zip just so the tool can read them

one way of doing it is using peazip portable -> https://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/peazip_portable

- rename your AmigaBox\Games to AmigaBox\Games_LHA
- create new empty AmigaBox\Games
- open PeaZip, click Convert
- select all files in Games_LHA and drag to PeaZip
- in 'Output' click '...' and choose AmigaBox\Games (it appears to be changing for only one file but it's for everything)
- click 'OK'

image.thumb.png.726126215af8a3326a1223ceeb8e38e4.pngafter you convert everything, if you run archiveutil.exe again you should see something like this

image.thumb.png.4b7cebdb754c1c5a0b4978bb322482fd.pngthen you can run AmigaBox again to rename.

you need the zips to get the info and rename launchbox titles but you can delete them later and keep only the .lha files you already imported to launchbox.

if you have any other problems just ask :) 

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Posted (edited)

Hi!, converting to zip worked perfectly, I have everything imported to LB now, some games didn't get renamed but that Is because of the ones that FS-UAE don't recognize yet.


Thank you!

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