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Big issue that started in 9.X. Games often don't launch property after startup.

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I tried loading a 202 mame rom in bigbox right after booting and i did run into a few minor issues. The first time the loading screen opened it timed out and dropped back to bigbox, then a few seconds later the game started. This maybe added a few seconds but not minutes.

The second time i loaded a rom right after startup ledblinky did not light the controls. Ledblinky threw an error "timeout waiting for primary instance handle".

In both cases the roms opened with a little added delay and closed fine when exiting. The subsequent rom i opened had no problems and ledblinky worked fine. Keep in mind these same issues do happen with earlier versions of mame.

Sounds like you may have some kind of major startup delay causing your issue. Have you checked the windows event viewer for any application or system errors that happen anytime between windows startup to just after force closing mame?

Which version of launchbox are you running? 9.7 is what i tested with and i am also on windows 10.


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