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Trizeal & Under Defeat Issue

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When I try to launch these roms I get an error:

"Caution 54

Game Assignments are


set correctly in system assignments of the test mode"


I am using the reicast core in Retroarch. I have tried to put the screen in vertical mode but still having the same error message. Hope someone can help me with this, thank you

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Hi, thanks for checking it out but that still does not resolves my issue. Please look at the screenshot.

On ‎5‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 7:50 PM, Lordmonkus said:


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I have downloaded new roms, removed the old Trizeal.lst.eeprom and Trizeal.lst.nvmem files in this folder: RetroArch\saves\reicast, added back these files Trizeal.lst.eeprom and Trizeal.lst.nvmem from the new download and the issue is resolved 🧐.
Now there is another problem, if I change the screen from horizontal to vertical and save it in RetroArch by:
Quick Menu > Options > Screen orientation and I change it in there and after that I go back to Quick Menu > Options > Overrides > Save Game Overrides and that doesn't keeps the changes and it changes for all the games. Is there another method to keep the screen changes of this specific game? Like putting it in notepad and putting it in RetroArch\config\Reicast or any folder to keep the changes permanently?  

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