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ESC Button not Working on Bigbox

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Hello Ev'ryone!

Can anyone please help me?

I just want to edit my Launchbox Theme, Launchbox Background Music, Or Exiting it
This F*king ESC button isn't working... on my Bigbox
I test ev'rything! 

1. Delete the current Settings.xml on Data Folder...

2. and BigBox Settings too...

3. Test all of my keyboards (I only have 2 Keyboards)

4. Using On-screen Keyboard (To see if my BigBox has a problem or it is just the keyboard i think)

5. Using JoyTokey (Assign a 1 Joystick Button as a ESC button)

6. Testing PCSX2 (because it closes EMU when pressing ESC - And it works)

6b. Testing the dolphin Emu ( IT closes too..)

7. Using a Keyboard Tester.. (KeyboardTester.com)

Now when i Press ESC it doesn't show my Bigbox Options
show the View... platforms... Sources.. ETC ETC

OR the Switch to Desktop mode... OR EXIT

Can you tell me how to reset all keyboard button to Default?

OR Reset my Bigbox Settings into DEFAULT?


thanks in advance! :D 

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