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Will consoles running through MAME not accept all homebrews and hacks? For example, I have a hundred or so "unofficial" releases for the Atari 2600 and MAME will not launch most of those games. I've zipped them, renamed them (lowercase and with eight or so characters), and even edited them into the 2600's xml document -- and they will not load; however, Stella, standalone and as part of RA, runs the games fine.

I plan to use Stella for the 2600, but wanted to use MAME for ColecoVision, Intellivision, et al., as others on the forum have suggested. If I can't play these games through MAME,  though, then I'll go the standalone emulator or RA route.  Thanks!

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Mames emulation of non arcade games is like any other emulators out there, compatibility can and does vary from system to system. Maybe the the 2600 emulator in Mame just isn't very compatible, I don't know for sure though, I only use Stella.

I do use Mame for Colecovision and occasionally other systems and it works fine.

I Just tried some homebrew 2600 games in Mame and it depends on the game which ones work and don't. Some 2600 homebrews have special chips in them and you either need to run them off of a Harmony cart for real hardware or Stella 5.0 or 6.0 because those versions support those special chips.

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