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COLORFUL platform video set

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Yes yes, I do not forget this promise! I would like to finish the first wave of video before and I post everything on the forum!

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Just saw that your platform categories vids are in progress - great! If you could add "fruit machines" to the category list, I think this would satisfy a number of users and improve your set even further :D 

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This is looking great!

I'll will be waiting for the assets/directions as well, in case you are not planning on making a "Magazines" category; I'll make one.

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UPDATE !  +6 platform video. ☺️
Next step, all automatic arcade playlist. Anyone have a full list? I can't find it.
And after, sources release!


  1. On download page, as usual.
  2. In LaunchBox Platform Video Download Tool. 
  3. On EmuMovies FTP.
  • Atari 52001573522736_Atari5200.thumb.jpg.581d347d604079a9f24edde228be43e5.jpg
  • Nintendo Satellaview579872073_NintendoSatellaview.thumb.jpg.fd928227d94b54356c856c2b677b697e.jpg
  • Taito Type X  (full CGI render here, like all arcade cab)1155422586_TaitoTypeX.thumb.jpg.d9cb0c90c3cff21a1ac2cd41a0112a66.jpg
  • Windows Windows.thumb.jpg.3a5d635a946396c85e8d0ba0081a0a5b.jpg
  • WonderSwan  (happy with pixel screen effect!)WonderSwan.thumb.jpg.cd38dc7cb3fd70ffbee2cfcb286f5a85.jpg
  • WonderSwan Color1118726187_WonderSwanColor.thumb.jpg.c5be2c17ede5887bb30229fea7a43d56.jpg
Edited by viking
Done on LaunchBox Platform Video Tools! Thx jason =)
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