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Question to video creators

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To all the creators,

First off, a big thank you for all the ongoing hard work and awesome videos you guys have made throughout the years and continue to make. A couple quick questions I had for you guys.

Does anyone know if a BigBox Cinematic was ever made for the Turbografx CD? I saw in the past what looked like one floating around, but it's not available thru LB's downloader. One other older system that looks to be missing one is the original Microsoft Xbox. Anybody know if there's been any entries geared towards Big Box Cinematix for it? 

It's also very exciting seeing emulation continue to progress; a couple of the more recent systems, such as Xbox 360 and the Switch, seem to have generic videos at the time. Was wondering if anyone has had some aspirations of tackling those.

Again, big thanks to all you guys. All the videos give LB/BB such awesome appeal. 

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Posted (edited)

There is a Turbografx CD video in the Nostalgia set. It once was available in the downloader. That is where I got my copy. There is an Xbox video in the Nostalgia set too. If you can't find them in the downloader, you can download them directly from the Downloads area:


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