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RetroArch controller pairing issue

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Hey everyone,

Since my list of standalone emulators has been growing out of proportion, I've recently made the switch to RetroArch. I got it working fine, but there is one problem with my controllers.

I have 4 Xbox one controllers which pair automatically, when I launch RetroArch. However, I do also have 2 real wiimotes which I use to play Wii games in Dolphin (stanalone). Now, when I launch Retroarch, while the Wiimote is connected to my PC via bluetooth, the wiimote always takes the spot of User 1 in RetroArch. I then have to F1 out of the game, go to controller config and change User 1 from wiimote to Xbox One / Xinput.

I'd prefer if the wiimote didn't auto connect to RetroArch at all, since I only use it in Dolphin anyway. Does anyone of you guys know an easy workaround for this problem?



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Hey there,

doesn't anyone have a similar problem? I cannot be the only one wanting to use two different controllers... =/

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OK wow, that was pretty easy. Thank you so much. I just hid all my wii remotes from retroarch and now only my Xbox controllers will be recognized by it.

This is a very simple, but insanely useful tool.

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Posted (edited)

This is pretty intriguing! Though I only have one controller, I see people asking about just this sort of thing.

I tried to run DeviceLister but get "Unsupported 16 bit application" error.  Did you guys get that error as well?   [EDIT] Operator error. Actually it was a bad download and now works great.   I then ran joy.cpl and saw my "Controller (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows)".

So I'm kinda confused, but think I get what's happening.  Maybe someone can enlighten me.  Say (for whatever reason) I wanted to "hide" my Xbox 360 controller from RetroArch.  I edit devreorder.ini to look like:


Controller (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows)

I then copy devreorder.ini and dinput8.dll (which I'd get from the x64 folder) and put them in the root RetroArch folder.  And... well.... that's it.  What I'm assuming is RA looks at this 'dinput8.dll' instead of the one in \System32 (or \SysWOW64).?.  

If I did get this all correct, and it is that easy, awesome find @guyverjay!!  Definitely something to add to my \Help Files\Controllers\ folder. :) 

In the back of my head, it seems it would be nice to have/know/use the GUID of the devices.  Something to research.  [EDIT] Research finds that if you don't download correctly from github, you'll never get it to work. 😊 DeviceLister shows the name and GUID. 

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JoeViking245, this only works for dinput devices and normally XBox 360 controllers are using Xinput.

You could have Retroarch use dinput for XBOX 360 controllers as well, but there are trade offs. (I wouldn't suggest it)

There doesn't seem to be a complete solution for all situations, so you have to use different techniques depending on the emulator.

For example, with the Sega Model 2 Emulator, XBox 360 controllers alway change the device order for my steering wheel, so the easiest solution so far is make sure to them turn  off when using this emulator. (In my case, I have arcade controls and never use the 360s with this emulator) 

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