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Hey everyone,

Wanted to see if anyone had any ideas about this:

I've been looking for an option in Bigbox for how it shows game titles but not having any luck...maybe the option just doesn't exist. What I'm looking for is an option that appends the game 'version' to the title (which it does by default in LB desktop mode).

I have rom hacks for different systems, and if i'm in Bigbox mode, all the rom hacks of a certain game just show as the base game title. I've attached some screenshots.


1st is the edit screen for a game, you can see the title and the version

2nd is how it shows in Launchbox desktop mode (by default it just appends the version after the title of each game)

3rd a sample of how Bigbox lists the games, and I can't seem to find any options that change this


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