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1 minute ago, TheChopman said:


I just downloaded a Bezels set from the Download section. Where do I save these to get them working in launchbox.

Thanks all



Launchbox itself does not support bezels, that is down to the actual emulators, likely Retroarch and MAME. Which pack did you download?

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1 minute ago, TheChopman said:



OK well that pack just comes with the bezels, but not the actual .cfg needed to actually display them in Retroarch. Download this attached file.


You will need to rename it so you can identify what platform it is for, so just copy paste and rename to snes or something if you want to use it as a snes bezel. Place the .cfg in the same folder as the bezel images and open the .cfg in notepad or notepad++. The second line will say "overlay0_overlay = Atari-2600.png" you will need to edit the "Atari-2600.png" part to match the name of the image you want to use.

For example in that pack there is a snes image called "NintendoSNES02.png"

image.png.5c2576caeaaec017a40c1fc4562bc24a.pngSo the name in the config will need to match that image file, and will look like this.


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