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I have recently changed from Retroarch emulating the majority of systems to individual emulators. When I launch Sonic the Hedgehog in Launchbox with Kega as the default emulator. The picture does not fit the screen. How do I fix this?



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2 hours ago, TheChopman said:


If i remember correctly Kega doesnt play well with modern OS's as its so old, i think you need to right click the .exe and go to compatibility and check the box for "Disable full-screen optimizations".

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5 minutes ago, TheChopman said:

I did as you suggested but the problem remains


My mistake, i have never used kega fusion, but it looks like it's the DPI scaling not the fullscreen optimization, my bad. Cheers @DOS76 :) 



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2 minutes ago, TheChopman said:

Thanks, I'll suss it eventually :)


What i said above should work fine, i originally said the wrong thing, but the DPI scaling option on a right click/compatibility should fix it.

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Try what was suggested and supposed to work in this post: 

In Windows 10, the first step is to right click fusion > properties > compatibility tab > check Override high DPI scaling behavior>set the drop down to "System" or "System Enhanced".

In Fusion, Video > Set Render Plugin > Scale x3 or Scale x4. Then set Video>Full Screen Resolution to whatever your monitor is.

Presto. No more error.

On a side note if this emulator does not close properly without exiting through the menu or doing a soft reset or something, it will NOT save your game on games that have the function built in, like Sonic 3.

I recommend this AutoHotKey script to thwart hardship and woe:

Send +{TAB}
Sleep, 1000
WinClose, Fusion


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