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Configuring Dolphin Emulator on Arcade

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I have an arcade machine with 8 buttons, joystick and trackball. How to I configure Dolphin emulator for WII and map my controls. I am using an IPAC encoder so keyboard buttons.


Apologies this is not exactly LB related :)



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Options.     Controller settings.dolph.thumb.jpg.7121dccba14e5075f95fd7d0d2bc9890.jpgGo down to emulated Wii Remote and Configure.image.thumb.png.158c7a20056f0a35994ea1c93d5e31bf.pngSet device to ...Keyboard Mouse.image.thumb.png.bc4109068b7b6fb2e3f01509541a7ea5.pngThen start assigning buttons etc.  i.e. (in the pict.) next to "A", click "Button A" then hit the button on your cab you want to be "A".  Let's assume you use button 1 on your cab.  When you click "Button A" then hit cab button 1, it'll probably say "Ctrl" (or 'Control' or 'Left Control'....)  

D-Pad on a cab is kind of a pain, so I'd leave those be.  Go to the Motion Controls tab and do like you did with "A" for Point assigning Up, Down, Left, Right to the joystick.  Do that on the Extension tab as well for Stick.  Be sure on General and Options tab, Nunchuck is selected under Extension.

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