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How To Properly Delete Metadata and Videos For A System?

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I need to update my mame collection and would like to just start over with the metadata and videos and redo an import of the updated collection. How do I properly delete the old mame metadata/videos?

I am thinking if I just go into the launchbox mame folder where it keeps the images/videos and delete them that the entries may still be lurking in the database and I might screw things up.

How do we do this the correct way?

Do I just Highlight the game entries via the Launchbox interface and Delete them this way? Would this delete all the games metadata, images and videos as well?


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I believe if you select and remove the platform from within launchbox, then close launchbox (so the files are not locked and can be deleted manually) then go into the following locations and manually delete the files, it will be as if that platform never existed and all will be downloaded again... but not 100% sure on the meta data part.  Simply deleting the platform within LB does not delete the actual files related to those games (ie. artwork, videos, etc.)

Default location of meta data for platform and games within the platform:
...\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\ Arcade.xml

Default location of images artwork for games within the platform:

Default location of video files for games within the platform:

Keep mind that the above locations are assuming that you imported your MAME collection into a platform called Arcade.  If you imported them into a differently named platform, just delete those instead (eg. if you called the platform MAME, then you would delete the MAME.xml file, and the MAME folder in Images and Videos).  Also, doing so will mean all of the artwork and videos will need to be re-downloaded for all your games you import, which can be time consuming if you are doing a large or full set.

Hope this helps.

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