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Retroarch - Citra Core - Game Updates/DLC


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I like the Retroarch Citra core because they allow you to use your controllers joystick to manipulate the touch screen.  As I'm setting this up though, I'm stuck trying to figure out how to install game updates and DLC's for it.  Has anyone done this before?


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All the relevant files go here:

"...\RetroArch\saves\Citra Canary\Citra"

However, Citra (as well as Dolphin) Core seems to be broken. My games worked fine until I (recently) updated Retroarch to version 1.7.9. Even with 1.8.2, it's not working anymore.

There are some discussions about it on the libretro forums. I really liked the Citra core and would like to use it again. I don't know when this problem will be fixed, though.

Anyone here have more info on this?

EDIT: Just saw that this post is rather old. Ah well, maybe it still helps ?

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