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Adding existing Windows games that need a CD mounted

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Is there an easy way to mount an ISO before playing a Windows game?

I'm currently the "Additional Apps" feature to run a *.bat file which calls a powershell script to mount the ISO before the game starts, then run a separate .bat file to call another powershell script to dismount the ISO upon the game's exit. (This is because apparently you can't mount or dismount an ISO from within a .bat file)

So I do have the workaround, but it requires 4 files, each containing a custom path, plus the iso file itself, so it's very clunky. Is there an easier way to do this from within Launchbox?


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I'd love to know this too! I'm trying to do the same thing but didn't know about the powershell script thing...I need to look in to this. I wish there was an easy way to do this from within Launch Box though. I've tried using WinCDEmu Portable but it doesn't look like it runs from a command prompt.

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