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Is there a setting to keep the mouse active during the game loading screen. When I run a system for the first time, SpyHunter pops up a box asking do I want the emulator to run. I have the option to accept or block. Since the loading screen for the game is running, I have no mouse support so I can not get the mouse to show to move and click the box. I have tried to tab but the loading screen is keeping the focus.

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7 hours ago, testestestest555 said:

That setting does not work.  Hidden or unhidden, the mouse does not work if startup screens are on.

Just tested an it works fine. I can see my mouse during the startup up and during gameplay if needed. Check to see if you have the mouse hid in the setting for the emulator as there is a second option there to hide the mouse for individual emulators if needed.



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