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DS4 Windows and Parsec

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Hey guys, how's everyone doing? I have a small issue going on with Parsec online Multiplayer. I want to play my emulators with my cousin through Parsec. We both have everything set up correctly. DS4 Windows has all the same settings for both my system and his. The problem arises upon him connecting over to my computer through parsec. His Controller seems to work and my computer recognizes his PS4 controller as "Virtual Xbox 360 Controller". So everything works fine, except the fact that DS4 Windows doesn't seem to recognize his controller, only mine. And it's necessary for it to recognize it and log it in as P2 so that I can set up the correct profile for when playing emulated games or any other sort of game. I've been thinking I perhaps needed to enable DS4 windows as an allowed app for guest user interaction, so I'll give that a try. In the mean time, is there perhaps anything additional I must do inorder to properly have his controller work in DS4 Windows on my system? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys and take care.

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