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Hello, I'm trying to find out how to make LaunchBox NOT launch games in fullscreen with Kega Fusion.  All of my other emulators open games in small windows and when I launch Fusion.exe directly from Windows it opens windowed ... but Kega Fusion is always fullscreen with LaunchBox.  The normal command to exit fullscreen (ESC) just closes the emulator.  Any thoughts?  Thank you!

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I have not used Kega Fusion in a long while but still had it set up. I had it with a command line -fullscreen in the Launchbox settings, removed that line and it is launching fine in windowed mode. Any chance you have that in your Launchbox settings for Kega Fusion?

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 6.40.00 AM.png

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I do not have this issue with Kega Fusion. In the standalone emulator, it is defaulted to window mode. When I launch from the emulator, it opens in a window. When launching from LB, it launches in a window. If I add the -fullscreen command to LB, then it will launch fullscreen in LB. This allows me to use the emulator in window mode to make configuration changes, but use LB fullscreen to play the games.


Fusion 3.64 (C).

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There's an easy fix for this

Select Kega as your emulator

Got to the "Tools" menu in Launchbox

Select "Manage Emulators"

Edit Kega

Got to the "Associated Platforms" tab

And here you'll see your fullscreen problem clearly

Just delete the -fullscreen parameter for each console and Kega will not go fullscreen

I'm not a big fan of Retroarch in Launchbox; and this worked well for me



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