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COLORFUL bigbox theme (BETA)

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@sagaopc that was exactly like I would imagine the perfect view. @viking I believe some of us want these type of views due to the huge amount of time we've spent scrapping all the box art, logo and disc media and I am sad not being able to show it on a theme :( I know this goes against your minimalist view on this theme but pleeeease consider just creating one view with this format pleaseee. Your theme is amazing, that's why everybody wants to use it and make it personal I guess lol. Keep up the amazing work!

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A quick message:

I dont post a lot right now, sorry. I have a lot of work for the next 3 weeks.
But I dont forget Colorful!
In parallel, I work hard on category video and with @eatkinola on the theme!! 

I'll be back soon with new content! 🥰

For waiting, some screen of future category video.
Mainly complete 4K remake of Nostalgia version. But for "arcade" and "playlist", I will realize them in full CGI. Which requires more time, necessarily.


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