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COLORFUL bigbox theme View File # WHAT IS COLORFUL MEDIA SET ? COLORFUL is a complete and coherent high quality graphic set, around a unique design. Made with l

Good morning all ! Happy new year and best wishes for this new year! 🍾 It's back to work for me today. And as promised, I started to work on the dark version so requested! Here a preview:I hope y

To celebrate this new year, here is a little preview of the next Platform View! Only limitation, this view only works well with my video set ... Really colorful! I hope you like it 😘

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On 9/10/2019 at 6:46 AM, thimolor said:

Finally a custom theme that looks great! I don't know anything about custom theme development, but would it be ease to make a dark version of this theme? Thank you for all the hard work! Became a patreon with a small sum.

+1 to a dark version where its exactly the same but the white portions are a dark grey like in Chrome's or Discord's dark themes. Shouldn't be terribly hard to change the color codes ;)

Otherwise looks fantastic. Looking forward to using this when my system is up and running.

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31 minutes ago, viking said:

Yes, I know. But I think I can't do nothing for this. The wheel is code as a overlay, not a seperate view. That's why video turn in background, unless a new video was load. I make some research !

I'll download it when I have some time and try too, maybe a datatrigger would work?

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2 hours ago, Grila said:

Love this theme @viking, excellent work. The bright white was melting my retinas at night so I made my own dark version :) Out of respect to you and your hard work, I will keep it for my own personal use.955172829_LaunchBoxBigBox12_21_20193_31_57PM.thumb.png.5f278799986a33be24eb5e212ef119ee.png


Now that looks sharp. Hope to see that change officially incorporated into already an excellent theme.

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Awesome work on this theme! 

However I do have a few suggestions to consider:

  • Another vote for dark mode! The white burns my eyes and my TV doesn't have perfectly uniform backlighting on the edges, so it looks worse than it should for me.
  • Performance optimizations. For some reason this is the only theme that makes BigBox almost crash. I sometimes get a windows popup saying BigBox is unresponsive when i scroll through platforms. Using the COLORFUL platform videos with other themes does not cause this problem. My PC is semi-decent (Xeon E3-1276 v3, GTX 970, 16gb of ram). Note this only seems to happen the first time I switch to a platform with a lot of games (over 250 or so). After that viewing that platform again works fine.
  • Not sure if its possible, but can you stop the game video when you try to switch games? More often than not when I switch games the wrong video is playing for a few seconds before the correct video starts. (this happens with all themes ive tried)
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I have the same problem as another member: all supports colors remain green, without exception.Windows is up to date.

  • Launchbox is up to date (I even tried the latest beta version).
  • .dll files are unlocked.
  • The .config files are in the right folder and are ok.
  • I tested a new installation of the theme, starting from scratch.
  • .NET framework is up to date.

I tested in another folder, with another name, but same shit.
That is, just another testimony. It's no longer an isolated case: p

Sorry to bother you.

Edited by niglurion
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@viking Having the same issue as well. I know it is the correct version I downloaded since it shows the gray colored settings screen and has the new logo the shows "BigBox with Colorful". All platform screens remain the same green as the original version. Tested on 2 cabinets. 

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Good morning all ! Happy new year and best wishes for this new year! 🍾

It's back to work for me today. And as promised, I started to work on the dark version so requested! Here a preview:Theme_SPLIT_platform_03_Dark.thumb.jpg.69d81d1dc70d18c4692bc8eb2a05d15f.jpgI hope you like it!

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And here we are! The dark version is online!
I hope you like it! 😘


..:: BETA UPDATE ::..
Version 0.6 - Released January 7, 2020
 - New Feature: By popular demand, the Dark View, for Platform & Games view. 😃
 - Improvement: GamesView, now the platorm name was show in color.
 - Improvement: PlatformView, now the date show in platform color.
 - Improvement: In WheelGamesView, add a drop shadow to the wheels, for better visibility of games without ClearLogo.
 - Fixed: Trouble displaying quick access in TextGamesView fixed.

Some screen :


Everything seems to be working fine on my computer.
There is only one problem in the design: Once the game is selected, we always end up falling on TextGamesView.
It doesn't matter if you arrive from a light or dark view: you go on one page only. So only one design.
Which "breaks" the continuity of the chosen design ... I can't do anything to fix it. 😕

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