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Provided below are screenshots of what I'm trying to load onto my LaunchBox. Ever since I updated my software, I get this same error message for every game I try to add on here. Even when I try to manually add my artwork and or metadata I still get error messages. How do I fix this issue? URGENT - bROKEN Trigga1716933057_ImportGamesfromFilesWizard9_10_20196_59_56AM.thumb.png.a4f922904a4b21a6ca81af04076ad5a4.png647572274_ImportGamesfromFilesWizard9_10_20197_00_19AM.thumb.png.aa80bcb003292e4a4e814f115866a845.png1700805077_ImportGamesfromFilesWizard9_10_20197_00_32AM.thumb.png.8d98e584fb28c674f8932188c617eb7e.png2119309809_Errors9_10_20197_01_31AM.thumb.png.6dc1f19698262028b94e4159a5edc422.png

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Could be just a connection issue to the server. Just tested that game and a couple others on several cabinet setups and they all downloaded fine. 

How are you trying to manually add the images? Are you selecting them to add from the edit game screens?

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