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Got SuperGrafx Working

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I edited the appropriate Libretro core into the platform xml file. Once you've exported the games and box art via LaunchBox, replace the platform xml with the attached one. Path for me was:
This PC\<myphone>\Card\Android\data\com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox\files\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms

Also go into Retroarch and download this core:  NEC - PC Engine SuperGrafx (Beetle SGX)


PC Engine SuperGrafx.xml

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Thanks for this. I'll get it available without a hack here soon, but if this works in the mean time, then that's killer. :)

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Just look at the top of the XML file, that's pretty much all I edited. The core's system name I used for the xml: mednafen_supergrafx_libretro_android.so

I've also gotten some TGCD games to work, but the export process on that one is a bit quirky. It primarily exported only the .ccd and .cue files. I had to add the bin, img, and assorted files manually. It was...messy. At least all the box art got there okay!




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