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Big Box causing emulation slowdown


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Been spending the last 6 weeks or so setting up an emulation system. Now encountering an issue which is exclusive to Big Box. Trying to play PS1 games in particular the wipeout series. Spent ages trying to map negcon controls but eventually got that working. 

I am now experiencing massive slowdown, stuttering audio and video. This only happens when running Big Box. I can run the games through Retroarch with the Mednafen Beetle PSX HW core with 16X antialiasing and 8X internal resolution without any issues. I do not have any issues when launching the games through Launchbox either. They run at a fluid 60fps perfectly. Big Box is definitely causing problems. FMV intros are fine but as soon as the game has loaded before even playing, just sat on the menu the slowdown is horrendous. 

Why would Big Box cause this when the games run fine outside of it. I noticed the same issue playing Mushihimesama Black label through Mame 0.201 also. When things got busy (and things do on that bullet hell shooter) its slowed to a crawl. 

I have checked the CPU usage and RAM and both are fine (maybe a bit high on RAM at 80% with Retroarch Beetle PSX HW).

It's an older PC but my specs run everything great except for when Big Box is running also. 

Intel Quad Core Q9400 overclocked to 3.45 Ghz

6gb ddr2 800mhz ram.

Nvidia GTX 750ti 


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