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Help emulating early Windows games

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Hey guys! Wondering if anyone out there has some advice for me on how to get old Windows games launching and running through Launchbox (most likely through a VM of some sort like exoDOS collection uses) @eXo might actually be the best person to assist :)

My setup:

Modern Win10 machine, 16GB RAM, GTX 1080 GPU,  Z270X-Gaming K5 mobo, i7-7700K CPU. I used Launchbox configured with just about every handheld, console, MAME, and the latest eXoDOS collection, so I'm hoping I have the required tools already installed and just a bit of direction in how to setup/launch them with something not pre-configured by eXo :)


The games (or at least a few) that I'm looking to get working are:

That's pretty much it.. any help and advice people have got is much appreciated!

Thanks ^_^

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For post Windows 3.1 games, you could check out PCem. If you google for tutorials there are a couple really good sites with files you will need as well.

I set it up a few weeks ago and it was pretty painless, but not something I wanted to keep on my cabinet. (Just didn't mesh well)

I stopped at running  Win 3.1 games since they fit in, start fast and boot directly into them using DOSBox

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3 hours ago, thraxlol said:

Most of these games were Win95 - WinXP era

PCem for Win95+

Virtual machine is another option but it depends on your needs and what kind of interface you want.

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