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Big Box for PC games only (replacement for big picture)

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I have been looking around for a professional looking replacement to Steam Big Picture for a while now (tired of the lack of customization) , and Big Box looks like my best option, with the videos. I have seen two youtube videos of people setting it up but did not explain how. This is for PC games only, not emulation. Is this viable? I know its possible but does it work well? Is it possible to add my own videos demos (preferred), or an online database like emuvideos but for PC? If there was a trial for premium i would test it on my own but i couldn't find one.

Thank you.

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Yes it is viable. Yes it works wll. Yes you can add your own videos and works with Emumovies. There is also a plugin that scrapes directly from Steam that you can use with it. No there is no trial the program is DRM free so that isn't feasible.

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On 9/27/2019 at 6:01 PM, Ryekn said:

Bought it. Very nice.

Just wanted to recommend the YouTube Scraper for when there isn't a default video, and if you don't feel like making your own demo video for a specific game. I'm sure you've discovered that lots & lots of games already have videos in the Launch Box database (and EmuMovies, although that's a paid subscription), but some do not. The YouTube Scraper made it a lot easier for me to import videos when I needed to. Just a word of note - sometimes YouTube changes its code, which can break the YouTube Scraper plugin, in which case, check back to see if its been updated to work again. 

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