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Rocketlauncher Issue Loading Mame .0213

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Ok Ive been using rocketlauncher with mame for a couple years now.  Always worked.  I just switched my pc and upgraded to .0213 now it throws up an error when I TRY TO LOAD MAME.


Process.Run - Running: "C:\Games\Emulators\MAME\mame64.exe"  20pacgal -rompath "C:\Games\Launchbox\games\Arcade;C:\Games\Emulators\MAME\roms" -nowindow -nohlsl_enable -nogl_glsl -video d3d -artwork_crop -nouse_bezels -use_overlays -use_backdrops -nouse_cpanels -nouse_marquees -nofilter -skip_gameinfo

Process.Run - Running: "C:\Games\Emulators\MAME\mame64.exe"  
20pacgal -rompath "C:\Games\Launchbox\games\Arcade;C:\Games\Emulators\MAME\roms" 
-nowindow -nohlsl_enable -nogl_glsl -video d3d -artwork_crop -nouse_bezels 
-use_overlays -use_backdrops -nouse_cpanels -nouse_marquees -nofilter -skip_gameinfo

So i have learned if I delete all but the following, it works 

20pacgal -rompath "C:\Games\Launchbox\games\Arcade;
-nowindow -nohlsl_enable -nogl_glsl -nofilter -skip_gameinfo

However I do not know how to delete those in the mame.ahk file


Also mame does work through mame64.exe gui, command prompt, and If I load mame manually in rocketlauncher it loads but if I try to run a game it fails 




Ok so this issue actually started with .0212 and has been fixed with a new mame.ahk  you can find the file and the fix here http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?6201-MAME-v0-212-don-t-launch-with-RocketLauncher&goto=newpost&highlight=mame+cli

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