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Bigbox Video delay / lag


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Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help. I'm getting a lot of lag when I'm moving between platforms in Bigbox - it's around 10-13 seconds for each right now. There are over 220 platforms in there and I thought this was the issue but I've just finished over 270 playlists and those videos are fine - click, wait 1-2 seconds, they play. I've tried several things including move them to their individual folders (A, B etc) with changes to the .xml files, defragging, moving the videos to an SSD drive and more. I'm not getting why they're quick in playlists but not in platforms. One of the videos is over 1GB, most are less than 50MB. They all have the same lag time. My system has an 8-core CPU, 6GB video, 32Gb RAM so it's not that. Has anyone seen this and successfully managed to speed these up?

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