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Arcade Rising Project ( MAME THEMES REMAKE) by Pademonium


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Big project that was close to my heart some would say that I'm crazy maybe!

But to offer Arcadians about 1000 fully remastered MAME themes that would be a nice gift, no ?,

I think I have at least 6 months of work but I think it's really worth it to go and score!

I take this as a tribute :) the goal: Keep (or at least try to keep as possible the period artwork, update the sound while keeping the original tracks and especially to go to the basics (no more 1min 50 per theme!

I have already realized about 70 themes (roughly all kof and fatal fury)

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On 11/8/2019 at 1:45 PM, SomeGeezer said:

Good luck to you! 

What you program you making the video themes in?


Thanks ! No program, I do a little like that comes to the feeling and when I have inspiration especially!  :)

I should let go a hundred before Christmas, finally it's the goal!

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