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Arcab 0.2 (Alpha) - NEW THEME FOR BARTOP & CAB

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Hi fellow LaunchBoxers! It's been almost 2 months since I've been working on my arcade theme for bartop and cabinet. Now I ported it from my head to BigBox I can finally release an alpha version. Most of it is a port of the Retropie Nevato theme mixed with my own additions. Massive thanks to @y2guru who built the Community Theme Creator and helped me a lot with it. This isn't an official release yet but more like a semi-public alpha build for testing and development. Theme will be open-source with released source code on my Github once I release the 1.0 version.


  • PlatformWheel1FiltersView - Arcade Cab + Vertical Clear Logo Wheel + Arcade room video background
  • PlatformWheel2FiltersView - Arcade Cab + Vertical Clear Logo Wheel + Fan Art background
  • HorizontalWheel1GamesView - Game Box Carousel + Arcade room video background
  • TextFiltersView - Arcade Cab + Vertical Text Wheel + Arcade room video background
  • WheelGamesView - Arcade Cab + Vertical Clear Logo Wheel + Arcade room video background
  • Wheel2GamesView - Arcade Cab + Vertical Clear Logo Wheel + Fan Art background
  • Wheel3GamesView - Game Theme video 16/9 support +  Sidebar (Vertical Clear Logo Wheel)
  • TextGamesView - Video Background + 3D Box + Game Info + Rating + ESRB + Tags
  • SystemView - Clean system view with clock and computer battery level indicator
  • Wheel uses @viking's clear logos for platform, platform category and playlist
  • Videos for platform, platform category and playlist uses "EmuMovies Default (4x3) (HQ)"

Known issues:

  • Marquee text scroller code is broken
  • Remove selector animation in menu
  • Fan art not showing on "PlatformWheel2FiltersView"

To be integrated:

  • Responsive
  • Add selector gradient in text view
  • Real 3D for bartop video, marquee and info bar



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0.2 - Changelog

  • Added game marquee image in the cab
  • Added static fallback video background in the cab
  • Added abstract video mask in wheel sidebar
  • Added light video mask in wheel selector
  • Fixed compressed video background file size
  • Fixed first basket arcade scene to arcade  machines in video bg
  • Fixed computer battery indicator always showing
  • File cleanup
  • Minor fixes


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