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I imported the 0.213 MAME romset last night, but a lot of non-game files got added to the Arcade platform in LaunchBox. How do I filter out the non-games?

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I should mention that this was an experiment on a backup copy of LaunchBox that I have, so I don't need to fix what I did, I just need to do it properly next time. I also have a curated set of arcade games, so if it's really tricky, I'll probably just stick with my curated set. Also looking to avoid importing mechanical games (I suppose it might be easy to remove them after importing).


Also, one issues that I have after importing arcade games is that I have to test each individual game to make sure I use the right core in RetroArch for it to work. I didn't mind doing that with my curated games, but is there any easier/automated way to make sure RetroArch uses the right core when importing it?


(Just mentioning that I basically have 2 LaunchBox collections - a ~200 gig size with the curated arcade collection, and one that I'm trying to make huge with things like the full Sega CD/PC Engine CD collection, so the full MAME romset would go in the huge one.)

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Added the part about mechanical games.)

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The import wizard has check boxes for Mame games that are checked by default to exclude things like mechanical games. Did you uncheck those by chance?

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 2.32.55 PM.png

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