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Mulitdisk Commodore games?

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In case someone googles and finds this.

There is a feature in vice called fliplists. There is a header, and a list of paths/images. I've not figured out how to make it portable as of yet, as ../ doesnt work.

exampled of command line to add: -fliplist "Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ultima4.vfl

In this example we have a flip list that associates 2 images with one drive, and 2 with another.
filename = ultima4.vfl

# Vice fliplist file

Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4A.D64
Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4B.D64
Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4C.D64
Z:\Retrowares\Commodore 64\Ultima\ULTIMA4D.D64

If I work out how to use ../ -vs- the true path and make this portable I will swing back around and post how. If anyone knows how please let us know.

I've created and implemented fliplists for the multi-disk Ultimas, lode runner, mail order monsters, deamonstalkers, and a few programs. This makes it so you just hit alt-n for the next disk -vs- manually doing it from a menu and taking you out of full screen mode.

I'm also planning on making a 'collection' fliplist that would allow someone to just explore a collection like they would have back when. Add fastload cartridge or the wedge so they can pull directories.

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or use the RetroArch VICE core and work with standard m3u files

Also my request here would make our life easier 

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