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===========Mr. RetroLust's - Mame 4K - Lights Out - Realistic Bezels=========== Realistic bezels in 3840x2160 resolution for Mame. My goal is to make bezels for around 1300 Mame games I have in m

===🥂Announcement🥂=== I started this project on 13 November 2019, can't believe how fast the year passed, I honestly thought I might not be able to get this far as it's quite a lot of work but her

Golden Axe mame arcade bezel goldnaxe.zip

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Hey guys, it's quite a busy time with family and RL things and time spending on Cyberpunk 2077 (lol). I'll try to squeeze in a few bezels between now and early january from then on things will go back to normal. First up is restoring the artwork for Exidy's Rip Cord (1979) which will take some time. 

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17 minutes ago, Retrofrogg said:

Retrolust - Orionsangel has been using the HSM screen bezel with his bezels with great effect. Would definitely be worth considering the HSM with yours. Really adds to the realism. 

And Merry Xmas all! 

These bezels are made for Mame, unfortunately the effect is only for retroarch. 

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Here's another bezel again, I won't be able to make bezels daily anymore, but i'll try to make as much bezels as I can. This probably means the schedule will change before this project is finished but I still hope it'll be around the summer.

Seemed I wasn't looking right, the Ripcord bezel artwork was already restored :) 

Ripcord mame arcade bezel




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