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New Version 1.4

Removed "Reset Playtime" function from BigBox as requested by @klepp0906 and @Blazer

New Version 1.3

Added a visual playtime setter/editor

New Version 1.2

Fixed another string error that would sometimes cause the playtime to not record. Thanks @TheNewClassics. Everything should work now but please don't hesitate to let me know if any other problems arise.

New Version 1.1

Please update to the new version. I caught a string error that would prevent any playtime from going over 23 hours. The new version will keep all your game's previous playtime intact. Also, you can now reset a game's playtime in LB from the selected games right click menu (@Krakerman).


Drop the .dll in your LaunchBox\Plugins directory and start tracking how long you play your games. The playtime is recorded as a custom field so it is visible in LaunchBox on the game details bar and in BigBox in the game details. See the screenshots for reference.

Known Issues:


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This is really awesome! I have  a question, can "Playtime" be implemented into a Startup or Pause Theme? Would be really cool if it could, but wasn't sure since it's a plugin... I figured out how to add "Play Count" and "Last Played Date" into the startup screens, which turned out to be my most payed attention to fields and thought "Playtime" would be a perfect addition to those. I've played around with the code, but no luck yet. Thanks!

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