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Big Box Unified - Redux, Random Screenshot, Viewing manuals

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I'm currently trying to iron out the last couple of kinks in my big box setup.
I'm using the Unified- Redux theme and when I either go into a games details page or just cycle over it on the games wheel it always uses the same screenshot but I have several in the directory for metadata, is there a way to make it just pick an available screenshot at random to display each time? otherwise the extras are just taking up space on my drive and I dont have the money just yet to get an emu movies account for the video preview images.
Secondly if I do have pdf manuals how do I open them to view in the in-built PDF viewer since nothing shows up as an option in the game details screen (unless it just shows up if you have the pdf manuals, idk if i do).
Apologies for the long and probably simple questions
and thankyou in advance for any help offered.

Images of a game details as it currently stands (as part of an IMGUR album I made quickly for a different issue that is unrelated)

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