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Fully launchable WHDLoad-Collection (Dec 2019)

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Hello, everybody,

here is my fully launchable WHDLoad-Collection for LaunchBox

Download: <for link send me a personal message>


  • WHDLoad 18.5
  • WHDLoad Games as of 15 December 2019 (EN + DE versions)
  • Corrected images for all games
  • WinUAE configured
  • WHDRun configured (with custom command script, which also handles "&" in the game names correctly)
  • Images for the correct setting of the emulators in LaunchBox
  • Correct combinations of different versions to one game (preferably AGA version as start entry)

The collection is designed as a replacement for "Commodore Amiga", because a collection with ADF / IPF is no longer necessary.

Further details will be added as needed.


  • To change the full screen resolution, adjust the file "WHD.uae" in the folder \LaunchBox\Emulators\WHDRun\ as follows:
    gfx_width_fullscreen=3440 -> to your desired resolution
    gfx_height_fullscreen=1440 -> to your desired resolution

  • The XBOX 360 Controller For Windows is set. If you have another controller, just load the WHD.uae file (also in WHDRun folder) in WinUAE and adjust your controls and save the file again.
  • If you prefer English menus (e.g. "Play CD32 Version") use this alternate Commodore Amiga.xml and replace the existing ones in the folder \LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\
    Commodore Amiga.xml
  • To still load the missing video files, simply search for media in LaunchBox and select "do not replace existing".
  • For the download link send me a personal message


  • All LHAs are repacked as ZIP files and the names and folder structure has been corrected so that the required slave files for WHDLoad can be found and started.
  • It was also made sure that file and folder names that are not allowed under Windows were transferred correctly.

Have fun!


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Removed link. We can not host copyrighted materials on these forums.
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6 hours ago, Rainman74 said:

(@Admins: I do not host copy protected materials here in the forum, this is a link)

Your link was removed earlier so please do not re attach a link.

We also do not allow links to copyrighted material.

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On 1/4/2020 at 6:46 PM, Retrofrogg said:

Looks interesting - how many Amiga games are in this collection?


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On 2/13/2020 at 12:55 AM, Retrofrogg said:

Excellent work! Thanks again. Will there be future updates?

Maybe, but all released floppy and CR32 games are actually already included, but I could add some CD-/download only games, like Genetic Species, AmiDoom, etc.

I will do that when I have time 😉

Edited by Rainman74

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