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Fully launchable WHDLoad-Collection (Dec 2019)

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1 hour ago, rik81 said:

Can anyone come to my rescue?  I set the emulators as a guide ... But when I import the games ... Which emulator should I choose in the launchbox when it asks?  WinUAE or WHDRun?

you have screenshots in the archive for configuration of Launchbox. Just configure as it's shown

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Hello, everybody, here is my fully launchable WHDLoad-Collection for LaunchBox Download: It's pretty stressful right now because I get a lot of requests for the link. So please post your r

Incredible work. I took the liberty of merging it into my LaunchBox as a separate Platform Category, so it appears as WHDLoad. This way I can also easily create playlists of my favourite WHDLoad

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16 hours ago, Elhora said:

can someone who have this pack, tell me if he can play "Addams Family" game ? I can't see the character in my install and dont know how i can fix this...

press F12 after loading, turn off JIT, click "Restart" + "Start" in WinUAE 😉

Do not save any settings!

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