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Hi, I've downloaded LaunchBox for Android and slightly disappointed I paid £4.99 for what seems like a Beta version of the app..

How do you customize the ROMs covet art? There are loads of roms which don't match cover art for that region. For example, US version Pokemon Silver having German cover art, Europe Shinobi for Game Gear having Japaneae cover art. How do I add and remove my own?!

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7 minutes ago, rpw88 said:

Fair point, however, the free desktop version still allows quite a lot of customization, including importing your own cover art. So, I can and should at least expect that for £5

Happy to give you a refund then. Just email us at support@unbrokensoftware.com with your order ID from the Play Store.

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Just now, rpw88 said:

I am keeoing the app! I still love LaunchBox, just raising my thoughts. When can we expect more customization features?

We're working on a bunch of things at the moment, including editing games. I don't have a time frame to report, but those types of features are definitely on the way.

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On 1/13/2020 at 4:48 PM, Clab4293 said:

Instead of region to prioritize make it region to download. It is still downloading non American box art, when I have it to prioritize North America. 

It's hard to know what's happening without seeing the details of the particular use case, but it should be attempting to match the downloaded image to the ROM file's region (if it has one).

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