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Any way to quickly edit Game notes, etc.? A database view?

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The Launchbox database currently only has entries for about half of the Xbox Live Arcade games.  I found many of the missing entries on other databases, including descriptions and cover art:


EmuMovies has an ongoing issue where the Xbox 360 platform isn't recognized (I submitted a ticket).  So, I'm about to go through my collection and manually update the Artwork/Video/Description of the other half of the Xbox Live Arcade games, hopefully submitting the changes to the LB database when finished to update the missing games.

Is there a good way to update the games one-by-one in quick succession?  Similar to the LB Platform Audit spreadsheet view, but something where each field is editable and the "Notes" field is also included?  It's my understanding that the game details are stored in XML, not a database.  Is that correct?  If yes, is there any way to edit the XML in a database or spreadsheet format?




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