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Sorry new to this forum so unsure if this is in the correct place. I’ve designed a tool which automatically loops through any folder of existing artwork you have such as box art, resizes and places that image or any number of images on a marquee template in whatever position you define and then saves the file as a marquee in the correct size for you in a chosen folder before moving on and doing the same for the next game.

First try in the week I generated over 300 Dreamcast marquees in just over a minute with a single click. Is there any hunger for this in this forum?

Some sample marquees attached. As for the look of the background template this could be anything you can design (not my strong point but maybe some here could make some good templates that we could overlay images onto through my tool at quick pace)

The beauty of this method is if you want to reposition the dreamcast logo for example or change the background colour its as simple as changing it once and pressing the button again (see examples where I've done exactly this in 30 seconds work)1859683862_4WheelThunder(USA).thumb.png.8b5a93ed155f8778e32ebadc1353b473.png1015425289_18Wheeler-AmericanProTrucker(USA).thumb.png.8bb46cd8f02df8a5908428b9ce02179f.png97216377_AeroWings(USA).thumb.png.97ee722a2ab07f175eb06b87ad02dba0.png



Title Change and Images Added
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1 hour ago, zengeek said:

This looks awesome! Any news on progress? @DAVEMHART

Thanks in advance, :)

Just a heads up @y2guru community theme creator tool can be used to make custom marquee images. One great thing about the tool is you set the image styles as you like for a platform then you can have it generate the marquee images for all games in the platform at the click of a button. Here is an example.


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53 minutes ago, y2guru said:

Not yet, within 2 weeks it should be out on the forum

Nice. Looking forward to this. Now maybe I can finish the rest of the Wii U marquees. I have a Photoshop action that makes it easy, but this should make it even easier. Especially with naming.

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On 9/17/2020 at 4:03 PM, Retro808 said:

You know if you download Y2guru’s Community Theme Creatir you can do make marquees and it will produce them in batches and name them correctly for BigBox. 

Below is an example. 


Yeah i can't make heads or tails out of that thing very difficult to use and extremely laggy

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18 hours ago, Darkseid001 said:

Yeah i can't make heads or tails out of that thing very difficult to use and extremely laggy

quick video that demonstrates how to create custom images

as for laggy, i dont know what setup you have, but the theme creator works just fine on a GPD Win2 with integrated graphics, no lag.


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