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On 4/19/2020 at 11:44 AM, Banditt said:

Weird question/idea - is it possible to have the cartridge on the systems that have it (ex: Super Nintendo) to have the actual cartridge in the machine be the one from the list? Like it pulls from the cart-front folder and then has a fallback if there isn't one there?

By popular demand, this is now done!  Please see the latest version of WoodPanels on the site.  Tons of other changes too.

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I love this theme, but I am having an issue. Perhaps somebody can help me. I have playlists set up as my default view. The platform wheel is great, but when I go into the playlist on anything that isn't a TV, the video doesn't move to the proper bounding box of the device view.

For example, for Gameboy, the video plays on the tv in the tv frame, but the gameboy png is over top of it.  It only happens with playlists though. My gameboy platform puts the video within the proper gameboy device view.

I've attached an image of the issue. I tried re-installing the theme, repairing it, deleting my big box settings. Not sure what else to try at this point. I hope it can work because I am so close to having it just the way I want it.


Thanks a ton!


EDIT: For the time being, my working solution was to favorite all the games from my curated lists, then run from the platform screen and create a filter for favorites. The only issue (on Big Box's side) is that it does not remember filters once you leave the platform, so for now I will have to reapply the filter each time.


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Clarification of workaround
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@TwoLegsJim I never tested it with the playlists view (since I don't use it), so yeah that's interesting behavior... I would recommend you use the Text List with Details Game View (i.e. by platform, not playlist).

If you're set on playlists, you can PM me a screenshot of your view settings in bigbox and I'll see if I can reproduce the issue.

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