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Game Controls (Beta)

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A no frills Pause Theme that shows either a Game Specific controller mapping or, in absence of a game map, shows a Platform Specific controller mapping.

Some controller images supplied. This is not a complete collection you will have to source/make your images. The theme is mainly designed for those that will create their own mapping images or those that have them already and want a way to show them without having to override the current LaunchBox image files. 

NOTE: All images must be placed in a specific folder structure and follow the standard LaunchBox naming convention to work with this theme. (SEE BELOW)

The theme looks for a .jpg. If you are using .png there is a ReadMe on how to edit the theme or you can change your image file extension.

How to set-up:

All images must be placed in the following folder and structure. (I have also included a sample folder structure and ReadMe in the zip just copy the "Images" folder into \Launchbox folder.)
1) Place a folder called "Game Controls" in the \Launchbox\Images folder (It would be \Launchbox\Images\Game Controls\)

2) All platform specific control images must be named as the platform in your set-up is named and placed in the \Launchbox\Images\Game Controls folder
  (Example Sony PlayStation platform: \Launchbox\Images\Game Controls\Sony PlayStation.jpg) Note: The name must match how you have the platform named in Launchbox.

3) All game specific control images must be named exactly as the game is named in your set-up or as the rom is name.
   The image must then be placed inside a folder that is named exactly as the platfrom is named and the folder must be placed in the Game Controls location.
   Game Specific Controls folder example: (Example Sony PlayStation platform: \Launchbox\Images\Game Controls\Sony PlayStation\ ).
   The control image for the game specific is placed in the above folder folder:(Example Alien Trilogy for Sony Playstation: \Launchbox\Images\Game Controls\Sony PlayStation\Alien Trilogy.jpg)

I have included @OhBoy controller images with his approval. You can download what he has created here. He also has a Pause and Startup theme.

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 7.28.54 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 7.29.04 PM.png


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I could not say. Works fine for me and I just tested on several setups. Especially since Arcade is the main reason I use it. Safe to assume your platform is actually called “Arcade”? What version LB are you on?

The causes would normally be misnamed file, misnamed folder, or folder path incorrect to images. If all others work that we know it is not folder path. In your other post I just looked at it appears naming of files is right. You are using .jpg and not .png. So file type is not the issue.

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