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2 Big Box Custom Themes this year !

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Rather discreet at the start of the year for good reason, I am actively working on 2 custom themes
One more advanced than the other
The 1st based on my work on my cinematic themes "Nostalgic Bedroom" with the participation of Rachid lotf and the assets of @skainlurmis and his superb themes new retro big box.



About 10 system themes finished which takes me the most time are the animad background, 

 I'm not sure how much I'm going to do in the end I focus on the main and the best known

* Movies 80 section with a selection of movie

I integrate in my overall theme "a section" with 30 film themes (demo at 5:12)

I find that it makes sense with the typically good 80 atmosphere which already emanates from the theme

to integrate these films which have rocked our yout


* Integration of my full set collection medi


It is an ambitious project but I am progressing well and I am confident

The second is more cyber! Completely fan of all that is cyberpunk I started to make drafts for a cyberpunk theme I have a precise idea of what I do, I hope to be able to release it for the day one of cyberpunk 20




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